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Townsend Kneehole Bureau

This piece is a historical reproduction of a bureau table attributed to cabinetmaker John Townsend. The original resides at the Yale University Ary Gallery. The curators at the museum were gracious enough to allow me to measure and photograph the bureau so that I could faithfully reproduce the piece you see here.


Description from the Yale University Art Gallery website: 

" The Townsend and Goddard families, who dominated Newport, Rhode Island, cabinetmaking in the mid-eighteenth century, are credited with having developed the Newport block-and-shell form, distinguished by bold blocking capped by convex and concave shells. On this example, the shells radiate out from the cross-hatched centers and have noticeably serpentine rays. These details typify furniture produced by John Townsend, to whom this example is attributed."

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2019 Best of Show, Topsfield Fair, Topsfield, MA

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