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Kaizen Foam for My Toolbox

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

No more missing tools!

"Kaizen" is the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement; Kaizen foam is a product designed to to improve organization in the shop.

This stuff is amazing. This foam is easy to use, comes in many sizes and thicknesses, and really helps me keep my things in order and prevents my tools from banging into each other. And when there's an empty spot, it's super-obvious that a tool is missing. It helps me keep track of what's out in the shop and encourages me to return my tools to their proper place when not in use.

To use this product, you simply trace out the shape of your tools, then use a knife to slice and peel out multiple layers of foam as deep as you need to go.

People tell me, "Wow, you're so organized!" The truth is, it's my utter lack of organization that brought me to this place. But I'm getting better.

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