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Powermatic PM-66 Outfeed Table

How on earth did I survive for so long without a proper outfeed table? This project was long overdue. The new outfeed table is an excellent addition to the shop.

This was an easy build. Made of maple, MDF, and leftover laminate from my Ultimate Router Table build. Hardware includes a couple angle irons, bolts, screws, washers, and a locking leg bracket.

Top folded down.

Top is 3/4" MDF glued to 1/2" mdf with laminate top.

Added an angle iron to existing bolts holding lower angle iron on.

Drilled up through and threaded the angle iron.

Folding leg bracket from Lee Valley. Locks in the up and down position. Made for 1 1/2" legs but I wanted them to be a bit bigger.

One leg up one down. Here you can see the adjustable feet.

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